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Excerpt from Shenanigans - Curiously Lydean. See it all (Why not post it all here? -Because I always forget to put in a cut and then long posts flood people's friends pages)

I’ve updated the settings of the plug-in to make it clearer that not all the post is being crossposted and why. So text past the first paragraph or so (not sure where the cut off is) and pictures won’t show up on Dreamwidth or Livejournal. Please just click on through. You can comment wherever you read more »

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Nice try, dude

Him: Hi dear.. I am (Unique name). Moved back to California recently. Looking for the company of a charming lady. I believe in life long friendships and like to keep it drama free. Hit me up if you are interested in dining out, drives, discovering exciting places & new restaurants, movies, outdoors… (Phone number!) (email)
Sparkling moments & good times guaranteed! And by the way keep up that magnificent smile of yours! Ciao…

Me: Not a dear – I don’t have antlers. Not a lady. And I suspect you send the same message to everyone.

Him: Not ‘everyone’. But yes a few whom I like after going through their profile. And I was expecting this reply from your side ; ) You are indeed are very learned & apt at reading & understanding people.
Him: I joined okc very recently.
Him: We may be seeking different things in our friends/partners. Right now my primal needs are kind of controlling my mind but I enjoy an interesting intelligent & scintillating conversation the most.

Me: Pfff. Keep fishing.

Him: Actually more intrigued in Batman right now
Him: But anyways thanks

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More OKCupid. We had some ridiculously low percentage in common.

Him: I would love to take you to see some movies and have fun at the beach if you are interested? People describe me as being romantic, poetic, charming loving, caring, direct persistent, sweet, passionate, fun, and easy going. For fun I like to go dancing, movies, play basketball, the beach, play cards, bowling, play pool, kissing, massages, and board games. So what do you say?

 photo lx5URfG_zpsidjq5jxs.gif

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Another short one (BDSM tw).

Him: hello! i am (name) from (European country). i am an online slave. do you want to use me ? :)
Me: Did you not read my profile? (That’s a rhetorical question. I know the answer is no.)
Him: sorry. i read it after i wrote you
Me: Try reading BEFORE.
Him: yes, mam

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I’m cleaning out my OKCupid convos. Here’s a short one…

Him: interesting profile
Me: Boring message
Him: wow.. i did not mean to send u such a boring message. and u know what, i actually like ur profile.
Me: I like people who use proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
Him: u gat issues
Me: What happened to I’m interesting?
Him: We’ll, since I’m not using proper grammar to comminicate with you.

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On OKCupid, a guy with an 88% match contacts me. He’s straight and cis, which makes me cautious as all get out. It’s really long (to no one’s surprise) so I’m cutting where I can.

Him: Hi! How are you?
Me: Being super lazy today, but doing alright.
Him: Sweet. I see you are geeky and kinky nice combo [really? You’re going to start on that without even getting to know me?]
Me: Yeah. Not been so kinky lately, but that’s life for ya
Him: Ahh just need the right partner.

 photo tumblr_inline_mqox8vsYdo1qz4rgp_zps5eeb9cf1.gif

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I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before (and probably linked to it) that I sometimes go on Omegle and find really really really terrible conversation partners. And then I share it with friends because it helps my process it. This is one of those.

(tw: so much fat hatred, ableist slurs specifically the r-word, food, medical stuff, sexism)

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like socal.

Stranger: hi
Stranger: m

You: Hey
You: What’s up?

Stranger: nothing much
Stranger: how about u?

You: Just having some Oreos

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These are only a few of the auctions I have up right now. There’s one ending this evening and the other 12 are ending in two days. Just about everything starts at 99 cents.

large_mudman napkin _rings nesting_boxes shawl

You can see all of my auctions here

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I’ve been unemployed since November. My unemployment has run out and I can’t find a job. I don’t have enough money to pay my bills this month.

I need at least $950 to keep my apartment, my cellphone, and my health insurance. That won’t cover my credit card, my internet, my car insurance, or any other expenses. I currently have about $400 in the bank – not even enough to cover my rent.

So what can I do for you?
– I’m a trained graphic artist. I’ve done flyers, logos, websites, web graphics, packaging, etc. You can see some of my work at:
– I’m an illustrator. You can see some of my work at:
– I’m a writer. I can do copy-editing and copy-writing as well. You can read some of my fiction at:

At this point, I will take ANY full-time job except sales. Seriously.

Some stuff you can commission:
– custom monograms for $35 (examples here:
– Illustrations are $25. I’ll draw anything that’s not illegal or really disgusting.
– Logos are $70
– Websites are $500
– Etsy / web banners are $20
– Ask! I can probably do it.

While generally I wouldn’t ask for money until I was done, because of the time crunch, I’m going to have to be paid upfront.

But what about…
– a roommate? I live in a tiny studio apartment that’s stuffed full of stuff (… I’m kind of a pack rat)
– food? I have enough canned and frozen food to last a while
– car / gas? The car is payed off and I get good gas mileage, so I should be okay for a while
– pets? I have food and bedding for them that should last a couple of months
– selling belongings? I’m working on listing stuff on eBay and selling other things other ways. As soon as I have the listings up, I’ll link to them.

PLEASE, if you can hire me or suggest anything, help me out!

My parents have already said they won’t let me move back in or give me money. I’ve listed stuff on ebay (here) – most of it is schedule to go up on Sunday between 4 and 6 pm (pst). I have two potential freelance jobs, totally about $100. I’m going to do some data entry work for my dad’s LLC. No idea how much money that’ll bring. And I’m doing web design work for my uncle, and then will be working in his machine shop.

But I don’t know if ANY of that will get me money before the end of the month.

My depression makes it really hard for me to self-motivate (which is why it’s taken me so long to get stuff up on eBay), but if you commission me to do something, I’ll say ‘I’ll have it done by X day’ and I will, unless something terrible comes up.

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For a while right after I graduated college, I was making New Years’ Cards.12 I fell out of the habit, because I ended up either not being able to think of ideas3 or running out of time (or both). But I’d like to do it this year. I just have no idea what I’m going to do.

That’s where y’all, my imaginary readers,4 come in.

I was doing two designs – one for email and one for mail. And writing a letter with what I’ve been up to. I figure anybody that was getting the letter is either following me on Facebook, has my email address, or is talking to my parents. So I’m not doing a letter. And I’m only going to do one design, snail mail only.5 I may do them as postcards.

Here’s what I want from y’all:

1. Suggestions of a design. It has to be work safe. Take a look at my DeviantArt page for stuff I do. (Basically anything, although drawing animals is difficult)

2. If you want to receive a card, give me your address. Email, private message, whatever is fine. If you do it as a comment here, I’ll edit out your address before I approve it. If you’ve commented before, it’ll probably go up without approval, so keep that in mind.

(Edit, apparently it works on the mirrors. I didn’t realize you could do target links on LJ and DW. Good to know.)

  1. because as an atheist, making Christmas cards felt silly []
  2. yeah, I’m also trying out the footnote plug-in I installed. I have no idea how this will look on the mirror pages, but since it’s designed to degrade elegantly, it may just be full of double parentheses. If you’re curious, it’s WP-Footnotes []
  3. uh… something with snow? []
  4. okay, I do have readers, at least on the mirrors. This constantly amazes me []
  5. everybody loves to receive stuff in the mail… []
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Hey folks, this is me trying to trick you into thinking I’ve posted something new. Nope! Sorry! And I won’t be for a while!

But I did go and edit the commentary forDetective Comics #33 (mostly to remove ableism on my part). So go read that! And remember comments = love.

(TW: fictional terrorism, character death, mental ableism)

Main site: The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom

Livejournal: The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom

Dreamwidth: The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom

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Mirrored from Shenanigans - Curiously Lydean.

Ugh. I still need to go through the old posts and add content notices and trigger warnings, as well as clean out problematic language as much as I can. And I was going through tags for the link dump and I need to clean up the tags. There’s a bunch of duplicates and at least one that’s problematic (it’s Batman’s fault.) And I should add alt tags to pictures and shit.




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Here’s another one of those posts that’s basically only for myself, although I want to do a Ben-Day Shots about at least some of these.

Currently reading:

Boom! Studios:

  • Six Gun Gorilla (6 issues)

Dark Horse:

  • Hellboy / BPRD and related titles (waiting for new series and picking things up in trade)
  • Itty Bitty Hellboy (3 issues)
  • Lobster Johnson: Scent of Lotus (2 issues – can’t wait for the second!)

DC / Vertigo:

  • All-Star Western featuring Jonah ‘Why do I find him attractive?’ Hex (which I’m so behind on actually reading…)
  • Astro City: Through Open Doors (I need to pick up the trades, but my local comic shop doesn’t seem to have them)
  • Batman ’66
  • Batman: Li’l Gotham


  • Basically anything with The Shadow
  • The Shadow / Green Hornet: Dark Nights (5 issues)
  • The Shadow
  • The Shadow: Year One (10 issues)
  • Black Bat
  • Red Sonja


  • Wild Blue Yonder (5 issues)


  • Captain Marvel (which I’m so behind on actually reading)
  • Fearless Defenders
  • Hawkeye

Red 5

  • Atomic Robo: Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur (5 issues) (and slowly picking up the trades)

Waiting for:

  • Princeless Book 3 (from Action Lab Comics)
  • The Shadow Now (Dynamite) (I don’t know if this is going to be as awesome. There’s just something about the pulp era and I don’t know if putting him in modern times will work. But at very least it’ll be pretty.)
  • Five Weapons (Image – ongoing starts in January!!!)
  • Rocket Girl (Image)
  • Dead Boy Detectives (Vertigo)
  • Hinterkind (Vertigo)
  • Sandman: Overture (6 issues) (Vertigo)

Meant to include this: I keep track of what’s coming up (and put it on the calendar on my phone since I don’t have everything on my pull list at my local comic shop, and sometimes they miss stuff) using ComicList, which has this weeks releases, next weeks, and extended lists. So I have a rough estimate of stuff up until November.

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For those of you who don’t read Skin Horse, our princess here is Nick, formerly a misanthropic gamer geek, now a helicopter run by a brain in a jar with a swear-filter using an gyndroid body as a drone. He’s very much a dude and seems to love WhimsyCorp films though hiding it as a hatedom. Skin Horse’s current mission is to retrieve a set of documents from WhimsyCorp’s hidden archive, which could only be done by a princess. (The start of the story is here )

Anyway, it resonated with me, even if I’m usually approaching it from the opposite direction.

(CN for the storyline: discussions of gender essentialism, gamer stereotypes, sexism, use of ‘gay’ as an insult.)

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Mirrored from Shenanigans - Curiously Lydean.

A livejournal friend of mine is doing a writeathon. I’ve already prompted and sponsored one fic. Maybe you’d like to too.

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Mirrored from Shenanigans - Curiously Lydean.

I keep seeing BlogHer on blogs I follow. And it’s cool – a blogging community for women that doesn’t limit them to talking about motherhood or cooking or whatever.

But where’s the community for me? Every LGBTA blog group I find seems to be focused on discussing queer issues. Which is important, yes, but isn’t something I’m good at (I never can think of anything worthwhile to say that hasn’t been covered.)

Where’s the group for QUILTBAG people who want to talk to other people about anything that interests them?

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So, it’s Camp NaNoWriMo time again. Like always, I’m not ready. I’m actually less ready than usual, because I have no place at home I can type, unless I balance my laptop on my lap, which is an ergonomical nightmare.

But so what if I have art pieces I promised? So what if it looks like a tornado hit my apartment? So what if I have RenFaire coming up and I was supposed to sew some stuff for it and I haven’t so I have no pants to wear? So what if I crashed and burned in April? I can do this. It’s only 25,000 words. (And this time I’m not messing with that number.)


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Mirrored from Shenanigans - Curiously Lydean.

There are about five people in the world who will get this, but:

Somebody* vs Casanova Frankenstein and Tony P and his Disco Boys (from the Mystery Men movie). They’re finally defeated and it turns out they were the mentors of Tigerlily Jones (from Skinhorse), who unleashes the power of funk in the form of a giant mecha.

Tip, Unity, and Sweetheart have to show up. Preferably Zeta and Foot wander through.

Like I said, I can’t write it. I’m not awesome enough. If you write it and it’s fabulous, I would honestly marry you. Not even kidding.

* I was originally thinking Cumberbatch!Sherlock, but on further thought there’s probably too much of a tone mismatch there. I think it would be better if whoever it was more low-key (so not, like, the Gurren Lagann crew… or even Sailor Moon). Batman could be great. Superman would probably be better. But somebody minimally powered – where they’re using their brain and not superpowers, would be so sweet.

On the other hand, the Creeper or Freakazoid could be really awesome.

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Mirrored from Shenanigans - Curiously Lydean.

This doesn’t count. I’ve got a cold and my brain isn’t working, so don’t expect posts for a bit.

Last week I had an overwhelming urge to draw The Shadow in my Silver’s Kids style. You can consider this a preview of when I start doing those write-ups.


I stole the pose from this issue:


Theoretically I could ink and color it, but I probably won’t.

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Mirrored from Shenanigans - Curiously Lydean.

I’m in the middle of figuring out what I’m going to do next year, specifically. I’ll get that post up… soon (I’d do it today, but most of my notes are on my phone and I left my phone at home like an doofus).

If you’re complaining about me not posting over the holidays, seriously? I have family that expects me to spend time with them. It was the HOLIDAYS. =^.^=

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